Shhh, Batman is already asleep. Supes will watch over him. :3

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Comic panel for my Superman/Batman comic. :)

Comic panel for my Superbat comic. :3 Enjoy the sneak-peak.

Anonymous whispered: i can see you as one of those comic book artists who mainly does covers but when they do issues/series damn they're sold out quickly and then sold for high prices in future like noto, hughes, wada, etc

Whoa, what a compliment! Thank you! That’s a very nice way to start my morning! :)

Taking a break from drawing my Superbat comic, which is killing me with it’s details. I have sooo many Superbat doodles, but this one was too cute not to post. :3 It’s my Clark/Bruce, with lazy drawn, undetailed suits. (Gimme a break, their suit designs are KILLING me in my comic ;_; )

That looks great and I love the name! Reminds me of All Star Superman. :D What are you putting on the back

Thank you! I also like the name and I have a little concept behind it, so it really suits my version of Supes. :P I will probably place the full drawing on the back, since you’re able to put a larger picture on it. It would be a waste not to show off the full drawing anyway, since it’s a full body one. :) Anyway, glad to hear you like it!

My Superman shirt arrived today! It looks really good. The next one will be on a black (or white) V-shirt, probably with the back printed as well. Absolute Superman is also actually a name for my version of Supes, but I thought I would be pretty cool to put it on the shirt as well.

The tickets to go to New York are ridiculously high right now, so I will have to cancel my flight for now. I’m thinking about going in August (mid August) when the prices are lower. I’m still in the need for money, so if you would like a commission, please check this and send me a message.

Superbabe is almost done, now it’s Batman’s turn so they can be together like the married couple they are. Also, this is a version of the original Superman. I have another version of my own Supes design, but that one is for my comic. Same goes for Batman.

Sorry, but… I really consider this as an insult on my birthday. It’s kinda like asking: “Hey! Will you work for free for me on your birthday?”