I’ll receive the Superman t-shirt I designed tomorrow. I can’t wait! I’ll post some photos of it soonish.

Superbabe is almost done, now it’s Batman’s turn so they can be together like the married couple they are. Also, this is a version of the original Superman. I have another version of my own Supes design, but that one is for my comic. Same goes for Batman.

Sorry, but… I really consider this as an insult on my birthday. It’s kinda like asking: “Hey! Will you work for free for me on your birthday?”

What? You’re still up? No, no! Stop staring at the Batcomputer and get back to bed, sweetie. Your boyfriend is starting to miss you!

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Started a crappy comic in my doodle book to test out the storyline/history I wrote for my Batman/Superman. These are drawn the same way as this one: quick, starting with ballpoint right away, usually no refs and done within a few seconds.

And yes, that’s Wonder Woman talking about the Batbum in Panel 1. :3
Also, thanks for the 1201+ Followers!

ochoacruz22 whispered: I LOVE YOU AND YOUR SUPERBAT SO GODDAMN MUCH!!!!!! WHERE WERE YOU ALL MY LIFE!!!!!!!???????

Aww, thanks so much! :)

clarkents whispered: I hope you don't mind me asking, but if it's not too much trouble could you please tell me which series/issue(s) these panels are from ? /post/67451620294/

Of course. :) They’re from: “Superman/Batman Saga of the Super Sons”, in which Superman/Batman “appear” to have sons. I’m writing that with inverted commas, ‘cause there’s more behind it.

The sons are based on them, so it’s like reading about a younger version of Clark/Bruce.

WiP Design for my Superman/Batman shirt. So after I made the sketch, my brother told me it looks like Superman is standing on Batman’s back. Poor Bats.


Poison Ivy + #100. Hope you like it! :3