Yes, I’m a newbie. ;_; Does anyone know how to place the textures of the 3D model in Meshlab?

Anonymous whispered: Your Superman is so cute! I like it when he has his arm around Bruce. Just wanted to say that.

Aww, thanks! That’s very sweet! You’ll see more of that, I promise! :3

You can now ask my alternate universe Batman/Superman questions or ask them to do something! Please ask them here. Have fun!

Note: Their history is different from DC’s version, plus they’re a couple. I’ve written a lot about them and I’m slowly making a comic out of their story, but if you want to know something about them, this’ll be useful!

You know I think I will start a small and short thingie here on this blog, where you can ask something to my version of Bats/Supes, ‘cause their story and relationship is different from DC’s Bats/Supes. Will make a drawing to start it off today.

nananabatman-3-universe whispered: Can I see your Tumblr!Superman's costume? it looks awesome with the gauntlets!

Someday I’m planning to publish his full costume (every time I do post it, I change it a bit, or it’s less detailed) but for now, his and my Batman’s costume will still remain a surprise! :) And thanks for liking the gauntlets. I’m quite happy with them. :)

Made for my friends, who have been married for 5 years now. These are their favorite DC characters! :)

cornflakepizza whispered: Are you still taking commissions by any chance? :))

Finished the last ones, so I was planning to open again anyway! :) I still need to make a list of what’s available, but If you already know in what kind of style you would like to have your commission (check my Tumblr gallery to see what I’m able to do), please email me with the details:

I realized I didn’t even post the final version of this Classic!Superman piece. Was meant for a shirt design (Batman is still missing). I also have a version for my comic.

manfulbat whispered: my turn!! #5! = D

Omg I accidentally killed the question thingie with Tumblr Mobile, but here you go! (By the way…I really liked the drawing you made of yourself. Now at least I have an idea what you look like :D !)

5: Who/what inspires you?

Well, for my original work (which is very complex, big and well developed over the years, I just haven’t published much of it yet), there’s music that inspires me (often music without voices. For example: "Lie Down In Darkness" from Moby. I also get inspired by certain places. It depends on which story I work on, really, and I’ve got a lot.

For my current fan interest (Superbat, DC) and my Superman/Batman comic, I get my inspiration from music like: Batman Arkham City, Batman Arkham Origins, Injustice, but also Castlevania Lords of Shadow.

My inspiration for the story of the comic has little to do with DC’s version, because it’s different. Let’s just say it’s not “another regular Superman/Batman adventure”.

However, my art style had been inspired by David Finch, Jim Lee, and Jason Fabok. I also love Batman/Superman from the eighties.

I’m in a Superbat mood lately! My own alternate universe cuties: Bruce & Clark. :3

Anonymous whispered: Ah man, I REALLY ADORE your SuperBat designs! Especially Clark's gauntlets! They're gorgeous!

Aww, thanks! I’m happy to hear you like their design! I promise their full design is even better! 

World’s Finest Coffee! Yes, I made this quickie with real coffee! Was lots of fun!

enchantedtalisman whispered: Everytime you mention your new comic I get SO EXCITED. And it's like your being your Clark's Bruce, a tease about a comic that I really want to read. (And also teasing about Bruce/clark Nudity -cries-) But it's perfect, and I can't wait until I see both and like, I love your work, please do continue (if you want to of course) <3<3<3

Thanks! Sorry for the “teasing”, but It’s not like I can show you a lot, because drawing the comic requires quite a bit of me. Sometimes I work for hours without taking a break. ;_; Also, I’m in the need of money right now, so I can’t work on the comic a lot.

But I thank you for your support, and I’m not planning to give up.

I can tell you at least something about the comic. My Bruce and Clark their relationship is a bit odd. They’re not like a regular couple, mainly because of Bruce. He doesn’t know how to deal with a relationship at times, because he’s never been in one (Clark’s his first). For example, he pushes Clark away a lot, while he actually wants his support. Also, the poor thing has emotional problems.

This story is not a regular Batman adventure. I like to focus on the emotional part and I like to write what they’re thinking and feeling, because I think that’s just as important as the story in general.

Anonymous whispered: This story/comic your doing, when do you think you'll publish it *waiting intensifies* I'm very excited! :)

I’ll publish at least something when I have more interesting panels. For now there’s only Batsy flying/floating with his little cape and talking to Alfred about Killer Croc. First page is almost done. I draw it with my new inking style, so it’s a lot of work, especially because I work alone.

Anonymous whispered: Can you post the original unfixed picture again, sorry I forgot to save that and I wanted that as my phones screen saver if thats not a problem :3

I don’t have it anymoooreee! ;_; It was too ugly to save, sorry. U_U